Let me bring you down to the basic question, if you’re one of those people who’d rather be branded as nerds than to stop reading their favorite books. What do you read for? It’s not long ago when one of my friends popped this question up. “Stop cranking that little head of yours! Why do you read so much?” Not until then I thought it was a valid question. What do people read for in general? What does losing themselves in a fictitious world mean to them? I was intrigued. I don’t know the answer myself.

There’s this quote, by Dr. Suess, I fell in love with when I started reading a lot. You can find magic wherever you look. All you need is a book. It made a lot of sense back then. Even now. It’s undebatable that books take you to a different world. And good or bad, it’s nice to have an alternate world, in your bag, you can dive in to whenever you want. When I think of that, I am quite closer to the answer for the big question. I do read, most of the times, for an escape. An escape from the world that I live in. Because why settle for one life when you can live a thousand by reading a thousand books.

But then, If books give me an escape, where do they take me from here? An escape from here should assure your presence somewhere else. But where? Writers make sure that they make the world they take you to is as fictitious as possible. Damn, some sentences are too good to be real! But recently I had the privilege to be part of the gathering Prof. Muhammad Yunus(Nobel laureate for founding Grameen Bank) addressed. His words still ring in my head.

“Books always don’t need to be an escape. Sometimes they show you a possibility you never imagined to be real. Of a more efficient technique or a prominent technology. Sometimes even of a better world.”

How true he is! Robert H. Goddard would have never invented the first liquid fueled rocket if he took H.G. Well’s War of the worlds as an escape. The way, he and few other people who took the fiction as a possibility and created wonders, throws light on the different side of the coin. I don’t mean you take Harry Potter as a possibility and wait for a Hogwarts letter your whole life.( I’m 18 and I still look for an owl to appear at my door step with the letter. Hypocritical much?) It’s just instead of branding it as fiction, we surely can think of some possibilities the sentences can offer. Who knows what solution you can come up with. I might read The Harry Potter series one more time and find a possibility to start a magic school myself. Yeah, I’m counting on that! I’m kidding.

P.S. : But when I do, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to send an owl to your house with the letter! :p






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