An Intern’s Day 01

Well, look what day has come! It’s a well known fact that writing can be done for two reasons. One to feed your soul’s never ending fantasy appetite and the other is quite simple to guess… To feed that little tummy of yours! For all the years I’ve been writing stuff, Reason 1 has been my fuel. Writing for a magazine or making a career out of it never crossed the stuffed brain of mine. But then, Isn’t it fun to try some things which aren’t in our bucket list, for a while? So, I thought Why not a writing internship? By hook or crook, I did succeed in getting myself, as an intern, in to the city’s exclusive local magazine for this summer vacation. (You may call it ‘the all odds in favor’ case!) Now let me tell you about the holy, glorious, worth-celebrating Day 01 at the magazine’s office.

Where to start? I’d definitely like to skip the part where I knocked on the wrong office . There comes Tip 01. Always triple check your Google maps for the correct directions to your new office. (Key word: Triple. Double didn’t work for me!) After all the hustle-bustle which landed me in the right office, here comes the part where you need to act super cool even if you are freaking out like hell to meet your new colleagues.

 Thankfully, I did have super cool colleagues who right away put me at ease. Time for Tip 02. There’s no reason to crack your nerves about fitting in to the work environment. Just depend on your cool. Most of the time, people will be very welcoming kyon ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi! (This is mostly the case until you see ‘gonna meet a trouble some person’ written in your day’s horoscope.)

Getting done with the intros, it’s work time! I have been clearly instructed about the work structure of the magazine and the kind of articles they’d expect from me. It was a 20 minutes talk and trust me it’s a lot to take at a time. I can’t afford to forget some instruction and produce myself with a wrong work. Tip 03: Always note down the instructions given about the assignments on a note pad unless you are Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory with an eidetic memory.

 Most of the day passed and what I figured is it’s a lot different and a bit tougher than what we think of writing for profit. It took me a whole day to get used to work process and merge in to the work environment. I can say I found this more important rather than to be productive like an expert on the first day itself. It’s hard to feel like you are part of the process on the very beginning day and that’s something you need to achieve up to maximum extent as soon as possible. Coming to the matter of being productive, there’s always a Day 02!


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